Fishing for Love

My kids are in preschool so this was really the first year they understood the traditions of this holiday. I took to Pinterest to get some ideas, because I’ll admit, we were so busy at the shop with client Valentine orders and getting our own industry Valentines out, that this mom was glazed over.

Valentines 2014

Thanks to Munster Rose for this fantastic picture of our Valentine!


Alright, so I settled for two of my favorite kid friendly and not so terrible for you Valentines for Wyatt and Evelyn. Frankly we could have been putting rocks in bags and tying them with ribbon and they would have been excited. I had Ashley whip up some cards for me on Crane Lettra Stock and they are cute!


wyatt vday


Friday nights in our house is movie night and usually consists of Swedish Fish and Popcorn.


evi vday

…..and what kid doesn’t like Cheddar Goldfish?


The best part about these was that I shared them with MY Valentines around the table, sneaking Swedish Fish and Goldfish here and there for snack.


Happy Valentines Day!


Lavender Perfection



Because Ashley could frankly make your mouth water with the culinary images she takes ‘just for fun’ in her kitchen…and because she is an expert at pulling collections of color palettes together, she is taking over Wednesdays on the blog.


Images that Ashley admires or is inspired by will be featured alongside a palette for your own inspiration every Wednesday.